30 October 2011

Menu ~ Week of October 30, 2011

Wow.  What a week that was!  One I hope to not relive again anytime soon.

Blue Girl and I were both sick, Pool Guy was in a wreck, nephew is moving back in with us for a couple of months and we found one of the walls on the outside of the house is literally falling off.  I think the fireplace sunk and is falling after the rain we got a couple of weeks ago after being in such a drought all year.  It looks like it's taking the brick wall with it.   The insurance adjuster will be here next week.  Oh, and Blue Girl had a swim meet 3hrs away up by Houston. 

With all that going on,  I missed a few meals on last week's menu.   I finally got around to the pork loin Friday afternoon and today, Sunday, I have the potato soup in the crock pot.

Here is the plan for this week (After today I'm going to go back to a lower carb meal plan for myself.  I'll cook as usual for Pool Guy, Blue Girl and Nephew and I'll just stick to the proteins and greens):

More menu ideas at orgjunkie.com

Menu ~ Week of Oct. 30


  • Eggs/Bacon, juice
  • Chorizo and eggs
  • Sausage and eggs


  • Turkey and Cheese roll ups
  • Tuna salad in celery sticks
  • Grilled Chicken strips w/Bleu Cheese dressing for dipping


  • S - Potato Soup (recipe to post Tuesday)
  • M - Taco Salad (tacos or quesadillas for everyone else - HALLOWEEN!)
  • T - Grilled Chicken with Italian Salsa, salad 
  • W - Pot Roast, broccoli/cauliflower
  • T - Left over Potato Soup (egg drop soup for me)
  • F - Grilled Shrimp with Cauliflower rice
  • S - Supper out (secret shop! I love getting supper paid for AND getting paid to eat out)

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