10 January 2011

Menu ~ Week of January 8

I have got to get back into menu planning!  I did really well with it last year but I let it get away from me at the end, as usual, and I have an overflowing freezer and pantry to show for it.

I took the time to inventory the deep freeze and large pantry this weekend since I had no idea what was in there and it's time for a serious pantry challenge!  

I will be only picking up fresh fruits/veggies, dairy and the occasional can of tomatoes or cream of something soup for the next month.

Meals listed are in no particular order except the suppers.  The breakfasts, lunches and snacks will be eaten multiple times per week.  I have also decided that Blue Girl needs to take a Bento lunch to school at least 3x per week for the next couple of weeks. Shhh... I haven't told her that yet. ;) 

I will post recipes with Weight Watchers points+ for some meals, others I will come back and post points+ as I figure them out. 

Check out more menu ideas and recipes here

Menu Week starting January 9, 2011


  • Oatmeal w/banana and honey (6 pts+)
  • Special K Red Berries (1c), milk (1/2c), toast  (6pts+)
  • Turkey sausage, egg, english muffin (7pts+)
  • light n fit yogurt 6oz, toast x2 (4 pts+)


  • Ham and Cheese Sandwich, tangerine (7pts+)
  • 2 beef fajita tacos in corn tortillas (6pts+)
  • smoked chicken and spinach lettuce wraps, fruit salad (4pts+)
  • supper left overs


  • Sun - Chicken and Rice Casserole (6pt+)
  • Mon - BLTs, fruit salad
  • Tues - WW Crock Pot Lasagna, salad (9pts+)
  • Wed - Ham steaks, mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli
  • Thurs - Homemade Veggie Soup, Grilled cheese
  • Fri - Homemade Chicken Pot Pie (maybe, we'll see)
  • Sat - supper out


  • yogurt 6oz light n fit (2pts+)
  • fresh fruit (0)
  • raw veggies (0)
  • Salad (2 pt+ for dressing)  my favorite late night snack

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  1. Looks like a great menu!

    I am also on a weight loss / healthy me journey and look forward to reading more of your posts.