30 January 2011

Menu ~ Week of January 30

Okay, so my menus have turned into more of a guideline and list of ideas than an actual menu to go by. LOL  It's all good though.  At least I have a jumping off point everyday.   It also helps to remind me  that healthy meals can be quick and easy and if it looks better "on paper" it will feel better in my body.

I keep planning all these great comfort type food suppers then It's really warm, like close to 80 before you even factor in the humidity.  Shorts weather.  Typical for this area.  However, this week they are saying it will snow and be in the 20s at  night, 30s for the high.  Ummm..  Here?  In South Texas?  Okay then.  I guess it's that Global Warming. hahaha

If it does get cold, the crock pot will be working overtime for suppers and my supper menu will be completely out the window! 

So here we go....

More menus and recipes here.

Menu ~ Week of Jan 30, 2011


  • Maple/Apple Oatmeal (my new kick) (made with SF Maple syrup and 1/2 an apple)
  • Special K w/Berries, skim milk, toast
  • Eggs, bacon, english muffin


  • Ham/Cheese sandwich
  • Turkey/Cheese sandwich
  • Broth/Veggie soup with the sandwiches (if it does get cold)
  • Fruit if no soup


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