23 January 2011

Menu ~ Week of January 23

I am taking a slightly different approach this week and can't wait to see where I end up when it's over.

I am going lower carb than usual.  I want to stay around 30g per day.  My family will not be joining me, however.  I'm hoping this will really help me to completely get off my diabetes meds.  They are so harsh on my stomach I just can't stand it anymore.  

My menu I'm posting is a reflection of that change.  I will add breads, rice, pasta etc. to the meals for the rest of the family.  The added items will be in (items) after the meals.

More menu and recipes here

Menu Week of Jan 23, 2011


  • eggs, bacon, 1/2 Fiber One Apple Muffin
  • eggs, sausage, 1 piece of toast (Sara Lee Delightful bread)
  • fresh berries and cantaloupe salad, Light and Fit Yogurt
  • supper leftovers


  • chicken salad lettuce wraps
  • turkey or ham and cheese lettuce wraps
  • egg drop soup
  • taco salad


  • S - onion turkey burgers, salad, (buns, fruit salad)
  • M - tacos (ground turkey), rice, beans) (2 crunchy shells = 12.6g carbs)
  • T - Pork Chops, cauliflower 'rice' with broccoli
  • W - ham, cheese and spinach quiche, tangerines (recipe to come)
  • T - Szechuan Shrimp (rice or noodles) (recipe to come)
  • F - Beef Biscuit Cups, salad, fresh fruit (recipe to come)
  • S - supper out
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Snacks: (this is where most of my carbs will come from)
  • Fiber One Apple Muffin
  • Light and Fit Yogurt
  • Piece of Fruit - any kind
  • String Cheese, fruit
  • Laughing Cow and chips made from LC tortillas


  1. Good luck on the lower carb. I bet that will help with your weight loss. Keep it up

  2. Best of luck! When I cut back to 60 g/day, I felt a huge change. Felt great, energetic, and lost weight, too. These look like great meals.

  3. Good luck! I'm cutting back on carbs, though that's not the actual intent-- I'm doing Weight Watchers and finding that carb-heavy items cost me too many of my daily points! My menu for this week is HERE if you'd like to take a peek!