04 April 2010

Menu ~ Week of April 4 plus Rescheduling of Meals

At the request (is that what it's called? haha) of Blue Girl's Cardiologist, we are changing things up around here!

We are going to all start eating breakfast every single day, eat our largest meal at noon time ("dinner") and then in the evening have a very light supper. (he wants us to not even eat a "supper" meal but I just don't see how that's going to happen ~ not yet anyway) So, the meals I post here, with recipes, will be our noon, or "dinner" meal. I will also post our light suppers.

Until school gets out for the summer, I will have to become creative when it comes to preparing the main meal. Sometimes I'll do it the night before and sometimes I'll just have to get up early to make Blue Girl's in the morning so she can take hers to school. Gotta love a Bento and the microwave!

One of Blue Girl's Bentos

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Menu ~ Week of April 4, 2010

Dinners (noon meal):

Suppers (light evening meal):

  • Fruit Salad (fruit salad, yummy, yummy ~ now I have that song stuck in my head LOL)
  • Turkey Club Pinwheels (recipe to come)
  • Tomato Sandwich with Basil Mayo (made with tomatoes from the garden)
  • Big Garden Salad
  • Pork Fried Rice (using left over rice, veggies and pork chop)

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