19 April 2010

Menu ~ Week of April 18

This week we have company in from out of town. I'm not sure how many meal he will be eating with us so I'm just going to kind of wing it as far as he goes. We also have my nephew who will be moving in with us on Thursday. Again. He lived with us for like 5 years when he was 11-16, then went home and now at 18 is back. This week just seems strange to us but I will try to keep at least the meals "normal". That seems to keep the family on track some. :o)

Menu ~ Week of April 18, 2010


  1. Sounds like a great menu for the week. I really need to try baking brown rice, I hears it's awesome.

  2. If you follow Alton Brown's recipe, it's fool proof. Turns out perfect every single time. :)