14 March 2010

Menu ~ Week of March 14

Ah...Spring Break week. What's the problem you ask? It's Spring Break for just about every school in the state of Texas and they all seem to come here! LOL I really wish they would change the local school's Spring Break so they would be out next week or even Easter week. It would be so much better.

We will spend the week hanging out at home. I think the locals are the only people that will NOT be at the beach this week. LOL We will spend the week working in the garden, painting some rooms, doing "home" stuff. Hopefully the pool will warm up some. We have new bathing suits that are just dying to get wet!
We will be having simple meals, eating from the freezer and pantry except for Wednesday. That's Blue Girl's Birthday. We will do whatever she wants. I can tell you though, her favorite 'eat out meal' is Outback's Macaroo and Cheese.

Menu ~ Week of March 14, 2010

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  1. happy birthday to blue girl the menu sounds great

  2. Thank you, from both Blue Girl (she will be 15) and myself.

    With summer knocking on the door, we will be having more and more of these "eat from the pantry and freezer" easy weekly menus.