13 February 2010

Menu ~ Week of Feb 14

Blue Girl came to me the other day saying that we don't eat enough fish. She's right. Now mind you, if I just alternated between fish and grilled chicken breasts every night, she would be a happy camper.

Even though we live on the Gulf coast, sometimes finding fresh fish is next to impossible. Most of the fish sold as "fresh" in the fish markets is actually frozen or was frozen and then thawed. The only fish I consider "fresh" is the fish we bring home after a day of fishing. NOTE: Do not, I repeat, do NOT come home from a day of fishing and throw all your huge live bait shrimp into a pot of boiling water for a quick and easy supper. They will jump out all over your kitchen! I know. ;o) LOL

Since we haven't been fishing in a while, we made a trip out to Sam's Club today to pick up some frozen fish. I ended up with some Cod fillets for making a gumbo or seafood stew, some Tilapia for just general eating and then I got some jumbo shrimp that looked really good.
Since I have all this fish now, I am going to start incorporating at least one "fish night" into my menus each week. All just in time for Lent. I didn't even realize Lent started this week until Sun. night. Guess I should pay closer attention in Mass. hahaha

(I don't usually assign a certain meal to a certain day, but this week starts lent, so I have two meals assigned)

Menu ~ Week of Feb 14, 2010

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