09 January 2010

Menu ~ Week of Jan 10

Last week I received some comments asking about breakfasts and lunches.

I don't normally plan either of those meals. Everyone has their own thing they usually do. Here it is:


Pool Guy: Cereal, everyday, cereal. (Special K w/berries)

Blue Girl: piece of toast or a poptart or some fruit or a doughnut on the way to school, water.

Me: 1 egg muffin (I'll post a recipe) or 1 - taco with 2oz shredded beef or chicken w/slice of LF cheese (on a corn tortilla), coffee.


Pool Guy: hot dog w/chips or sandwich w/chips, milk. (he comes home for lunch)

Blue Girl: slice of [whole wheat/low fat] pizza w/milk. (she eats at school, the same thing, everyday)

Me: I usually have a piece of fruit and a yogurt around 2:30pm.

Weekends: We eat all the leftovers from during the week for lunches.


These are the things I pretty much keep in the house for snacks:

Whole grain Gold Fish
Greek Yogurt (fruit on the bottom)
Fresh Fruits
Homemade Chex Mix

Menu: Week of Jan 10, 2010

(I have changed my menu no fewer than 3 times since posting it on Sunday afternoon. LOL Hopefully this is it!)

* I used LG Brown rice, a packet of taco seasonings and omitted the cilantro and divided it into 2 casseroles - freezing one.

**I use long grain brown rice instead of instant and add the tomatoes and cheeses once it's cooked and let it sit covered for 10 min. before serving.

For more great menu ideas, please visit I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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