07 January 2010

Creamy Baked Chicken Breasts

Today we were supposed to have Grilled Chicken Breasts for supper but it is 30 degrees with 25mph winds out there. I'm not going out there...not even to grill something. haha

This is something I made once or twice a while ago and it just kinda fell off the menu radar for some reason. I wanted something hot, creamy and"stick to your ribs" for supper.
I should have saved the soup night (last night) for tonight.

Creamy Baked Chicken Breasts

  • 4 - boneless/skinless chicken breasts, pounded thin (I only made 2 tonight)
  • 1 - can golden mushroom soup
  • 1/4 - cup milk
  • 1/4 - cup mayo
  • 1 - teaspoon lemon juice
  • 4 - bacon strips, cooked and crumbled
  • Monterrey Jack Cheese, sliced thick (you could use a cheese stick or cream cheese)
  • 1 - cap full of Allegro (I forgot it when I took the pic of the ingredients)
  • seasonings of choice

Remove all fat and season chicken breasts generously on both sides.

Roll the cheese up in the chicken breasts and secure with toothpicks.
(okay, yea, I'm kinda anal about this step. Look at all my toothpicks. haha)

Place chicken in baking dish.

*Mix the soup, milk, mayo, lemon juice, Allegro and seasonings in a bowl. Pour over the chicken.
Sprinkle the bacon over the top.

Bake at 350 for one hour.

This went wonderfully with the Brown Rice w/Veggies.

*tip: this is a tasty and easy sauce. You can use this over any kind of meat, rice or noodles.

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