29 June 2009

OAMC ~ July '09 Menu

Here is my menu for the month of July. I am still working on getting some of the meals done so there are checks and notes in places. LOL

By the time the 1st rolls around on Wednesday, should be done with all the meals on the menu that fall on in the 1st, 3rd and 5th weeks, the meals for the 2nd, and 4th weeks will be done by the end of the week. I will also have the "fresh" ingredients for the first two weeks. Fresh ingredients are things that can't be frozen, ie: the veggies and eggs. Everything else: lunch meats, waffles, bread, cereal etc. is already in the house and in the freezer or pantry.

I plan on having a two or three month rotating menu that I will change up as the seasons change or as we just get tired of some meals.
I have not listed any veggies as we like those fresh so those will change with the seasons.

Each month, I will post the recipes for the various meals through out the month.

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