12 April 2009

Mandarin Oranges

In the past we have spent a small fortune on jarred Mandarin Oranges for Blue Girl. She eats these things like most kids eat sweets.

Mandarin Oranges are at the end of their season and we can get them at the store for less than $1 per pound so I decided to can my own this year.

I bought 15lbs of oranges. According to everything I read on the internet, 13lbs should have made approximately 9 pints. I ended up with 22. I don't know if maybe our oranges were bigger since it's the end of the season (ya know, everything IS bigger in Texas!). Whatever the reason, the calculations weren't even close. No biggie. It's not like they aren't going to get eaten.  :p

We peeled, sectioned and stuffed into jars, all 15lbs of oranges. Getting all the little white strings off was, oh so much fun!

Then I boiled 18 cups of water and 4 1/2 cups of sugar to make a light syrup.

I then poured the syrup into the jars over the orange sections, made sure there were no air pockets, covered the jars and processed in a water bath for 10 min.

We now have around a month's worth of Mandarin Oranges on the shelf. (according to Blue Girl anyway) LOL....I think I might have to ration these things.

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