13 March 2009

Bean and Egg Tacos

I am not a big sweets eater. Never have been. Especially NOT in the mornings for breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, french toast....all are suppers for me. Cinnamon Rolls, coffee cakes, cereal and the likes....snacks or lunch. Never in the morning.

I am a big fan of meat and eggs in the morning. Doesn't really even matter what kind of meat it is. Steak, pork chops, fajitas, sausage, bacon..you get the idea. Most Friday mornings during Lent, I just skip breakfast all together and have some coffee or juice and call it done. This morning on the way to drop Blue Girl off at school, my stomach was letting me know there was no way we were going to skip breakfast today. Lent or not!

So I got home and opened the fridge. Looked around. Hmmm.. What to eat, what to eat. Ah...an old childhood favorite during Lent. Bean and Egg tacos. I know, sounds kind yucky. Try it though. I'm glad I finally gave in and did. LOL

Put some bacon grease in a pan and on one side of the pan drop in a large spoon full of refried beans. In the other side of the pan scramble an egg. Put your beans on a tortilla topped with the eggs and there you have it. Simple, filling and no meat involved.

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