28 February 2009

They are the Lord's Sheeps!

. Okay, so Nacho Libre is one of our all time favorite movies and we always say that now when I make chips. LOL

I had picked up (2) - 30 count packages of corn tortillas for free a couple of weeks ago at the store. I brought them home and threw them in the freezer. We used most of one when I made Enchiladas and the other was staring at me every time I opened the freezer. So today I pulled them out and made chips and Chalupa shells.

Just fill a heavy pot 1/2 to 3/4 full of a light oil. I used vegetable oil. Heat over med - med/high until nice and hot. If it's not hot enough your chips will absorb the oil instead of just cooking in it. I don't have a thermometer that I can use in the oil so I just drop small pieces into the oil and when the immediately float to the top the oil is ready.

Cut your tortillas (I cut all but 4 of them) into 4 pieces then carefully place into the oil a few at a time. Flip over after 15 seconds or so. Scoop out with a slotted spoon when just starting to brown on the edges. Lightly salt. Once cooled, place in a zip top bag. They will be good for a week or so.

Chalupa shells (I used 4 of the tortillas): carefully place whole tortilla in oil and flip over after 15 seconds or so. Remove with slotted spoon. Once cool, place in a zip top bag. May be frozen and re-heated in the oven when ready to use.

Easy, free, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors. :)

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