24 February 2009

So Much For a Menu

Monday was supposed to be Meatloaf, but Pool Guy and I spent the whole day working in the yard and garden so that didn't work out. We had Grilled Hot Dogs and the fixins' instead.

Tuesday was supposed to be BLTs but since we didn't eat Meatloaf last night, I needed to use up the hamburger meat I had thawed. I was going to just make the Meatloaf but when I said that everyone let out a big sigh. I think I may have even heard one of the dogs sigh too. LOL So tonight was Grilled Burgers and all the fixins'. One of these days I'll figure out a way to keep all my burgers from shrinking up into little baby patties! LOL

I promised that tomorrow I would cook what is on the menu. It's Ash Wednesday so I'm gonna have to or go to Wendy's for Fish Sandwiches or something. {blech}

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