10 February 2009

Enchilada Dinner ~ $1.38!

Tonight we had enchiladas, mexican rice w/broccoli and refried beans. We have enough rice and enchiladas left over for 2 more meals! That makes a total of 3 meals (plus a leftover small lunch).

1 lb hamburger meat ~ $2.79 (you have to purchase 2 to get the free items)

1 - pkg taco seasonings ~ free

10 - corn tortillas ~ free (was supposed to be taco shells but our store was out so they subbed a pkg of 20 corn tortillas)

1 - bag shredded cheddar cheese ~ free

1 - can enchilada sauce ~ 1.09

1 - cup rice ~ .13

1 - chicken bouillon cube ~ .05 (for the rice)

2 - tbs tomato paste ~ .08 (for the rice)

juice of one jalapeno ~ free (from my garden ~ for the rice)

2 hands full of broccoli florets ~ free (from the garden ~ 2nd go 'round on the broccoli too!)

1 - can refried beans ~ free

Total cost to make: $4.14 ~

Cost of each meal: $1.38 ~

This was Pool Guys plate. Way too much food on there. He ate it all though! LOL I couldn't finish mine. I'll have the rest of mine for lunch tomorrow. (my lunch is not included in the 3 meals I'm counting)

Here are the leftovers. As you can see, we put a small dent it. We will get 2 more meals from this.

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