26 February 2009

Dirty Rice with Sausage and Shrimp

I pulled a smoked polish sausage out of the freezer that we got free with some meal deal at the grocery store a while ago. Whatever the deal was, it must have been a good one because I have 6 packages of sausage in the freezer. LOL Then I took out some huge shrimp. They were so big I cut them each into 3 pieces to use in this dish and finally, the grocery store had the Zatarain's Dirty Rice mix on sale a while ago for buy 2 get 1 free so we stocked up a little then.

1 - box Zatarain's Dirty Rice Mix ~ 1.09

3/4 smoked sausage ~ free

1 pound of large shrimp ~ $3.49 (on sale)

Cut your sausage in half length wise then cut into bite size pieces, set a side. Clean shrimp, removing shell, tail and vein (poop shoot as we always called it in my house) then cut into large bite size pieces.

Saute sausage in pan on stove until nice and crispy around the edges then remove from pan. Put shrimp in same pan using the grease from the sausage to cook the shrimp in just until they turn pink. Remove and set aside. You don't want to over cook the shrimp and turn them into rubber.

Start your rice according to package directions and put in the sausage. Cover and simmer for 25 (per box directions). Once done, remove the top and mix in the shrimp. Cover and let sit 10 min. Serve immediately with a salad.

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