23 February 2009

Canned Red Kidney Beans

Most people ask me why I would do that. "Don't dry beans keep longer"? Well, yea, but I don't want to have soak some overnight and then cook them for a long time before I make dinner or a pot of Chili. LOL Besides, a can of kidney beans runs around 80 cents on sale, and a pint of my beans runs around 19 cents ~ regular price.

Now in all fairness, I always have dry Red Kidney, Pinto and Navy or white beans and a couple pounds of dry 15 bean soup mix on hand so yea, I do keep a bunch of dried beans too. :)

Canned Red Kidney Beans:

3 lbs of dry beans
16 pint jars and lids ~ or 8 quarts ~ or any combination of the two

After picking through beans, rinse then put into a large pot or bowl that the beans will half fill.

Fill with water and let soak overnight or at least 12 hours.

Drain and rinse beans.

Fill sterilized jars 2/3 full of beans. (that comes to a heaping cup). Fill jars the rest of the way with water, leaving 1 inch head space. I do not add any salt or seasonings.

Place into your pressure canner and boil for 30 mins on med heat.

Place the cover on your pressure cooker and turn up the heat. Vent/Pressure can according to your canner directions.

Pints: 10 lb pressure for 75 min
Qts: 10 lbs pressure for 90 min.

3lbs of dry beans yielded:

7 pints + 3 quarts

(I'll use 1 qt + 1 pt for a batch of Chili, 1 pt in dirty rice, jambalaya etc.)

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