28 December 2008

Butts! Get Your Butts Here!

Since it is Christmas time, the grocery had their pork butts on sale for 99 cents a pound. They do this every Christmas and Easter for tamale making. So we picked up some. I got a small, 9lb roast and Mark went back and got the smallest he could find, a 13 pounder. The 9lb is in the freezer and I had plans for the bigger one.

When I cut open the package and dumped what I thought was one roast out onto the pan, it was actually two. So it really looked like a butt. Hahaha.


I took one roast and cut a piece off that was around 3 1/2 pounds and that was going to go in the oven for dinner. The rest I cut up into chunks for canning. I removed as much as the fat as I could and the bone as I cut it up for canning. I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do with all that fat and bone, so I just wrapped it up and put it into the freezer for now.


I took the roast, seasoned it and then browned it in some bacon grease in the cast iron dutch oven. Once it was just browned, I took it out, poured in a 32 oz carton of veggie stock (whisking to get up all the browned goodness at the bottom of the pan), added a chunked onion, 4 smashed garlic cloves and 4 stalks of celery. Then I put the roast back in the pot, covered and put in the oven for 30 min at 450 and then turned it down to 325 for an hour and 15 min.

I removed the roast from the pot, the veggies and seasoned the sauce and let it cook down and thicken up some.


The roast/sauce, some baked potatoes, cranberry sauce and green beans were dinner.

I took the left over sauce and poured it into 2 pint jars and put it in the fridge to can, and put the roast back into the cleaned pot, poured water over it and put it back in the oven at 170 for 14 hours. The shredded pork will be mixed with BBQ sauce for sandwiches for dinner tonight, and the broth will be seasoned, strained and canned in pints with the sauce I made last night.

Tomorrow I'll cold pack and can the meat in quarts.

Here are my 5 pints of broth and 2 pints of sauce. I'm calling it Pork Sauce instead of gravy because it has no thickening agents in it. These will be canned today.


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